Tuesday, December 11, 2012

MOZI mag | iPad mini giveaway

Sooo..... a fellow photoger, and friend (can I call her a friend?? lol I mainly blog stalk her and ya know... I've hung out with her IRL a couple times.. ya, we'll go with "friend".. ;) anyway... the crazy talented Jean Smith has partnered up to start up MOZI mag (formerly Clique Mag) . They are doing a whole re-brand-re-launch and they are asking everyone to help spread the word! Honestly, it's going to be crazy fab. I mean... there are some cray cray talented photogers behind this bad-jackson. How can it NOT be amazing?!

It will be. End. Of. Story.

OH.. but wait, there is the one little part about the giveaway. Did I mention they are giving away an iPad mini?! Ummmm... saweet!!!! So... go, right now, to their site..... MOZI mag and enter to win!!!

While you are there... check out the tutorials, and order the latest copy of the digi mag!

**I should say that I am in no way being paid or anything for this post. I just like to promote awesome things. And, ya know.... this mag is pretty awesome. ;)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Katie | having a baby | howell, michigan maternity photographer

I was a little worried the day of this shoot. I woke up that morning to some pretty nasty looking skies and sporadic rain showers all morning. Thankfully, by the time the shoot rolled around, the rain had stopped and it actually warmed up a little. ;)

This cutie mama delivered just a few weeks after our shoot. It's rather unfair how amazing she looked this late into her pregnancy. Lucky girl!! ;)



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