Monday, August 30, 2010

A few previews.. : california photographer, howell michigan photographer

I have been so busy latley... I have a ton of sneak peeks to post... but they will have to wait a few more days.. ;-)

But this is a teensy peek at what I've been up to as of late....

Umm.. how can you NOT fall in love with those adorable cheeks! And the bubbles.... awww.. love it!

How about an adorable new family?? ... yes please!

And a stunning senior?? This girl rocked the camera... can't wait to share her session!

She was just too cute!! Can you even handle the sass??! And this mommy and daddy have another bundle of pink on the way!! I bet she'll be as cute as big sister!

And yet another oh-so-cute family!! The curls on these kids were to die for!!!!!

Another sleeping baby?! I love my job!! This little trooper has been through a lot in her short 2.5 months on this earth. ;-)

Um.. if my kids were all as perfect as this little man was.... I'd have 50 of them!! For realz.... this mom and dad have it made with this cutie pie!

Full sneak peeks to come! Along with MORE sneak peeks of upcoming sessions the next couple of weeks!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The saga that is "pricing" :Southeast Michigan Photographer

As photographers.... one of the things we are constantly tweaking are our prices. Back when I first started it was fairly cut and dry: there was a session fee, that covered shooting time and editing. And then there were print prices. You bought individual prints from the photographer who would get them from a professional lab to ensure top quality. Digital images were a very, very new thing. Selling digital images was practically unheard of!

But.. as with many industries... things change. And with the dawn of digital.. photography has changed faster than you can click the shutter button. With more and more new photographers out there offering "everything".. it's been harder and harder for the "oldies" to justify to new clients why they *don't* offer "everything for one low price".

Now, I can sit here and type out a big long post about how there is a difference between "professionals" and "newbies" and how you pay for "quality" when you come to me and blah blah blah.... but honestly... I've been doing that for so long and I feel like I am fighting a losing battle.

The bottom line is: The industry is changing, and clients WANT the digital images. They want ALL the digital images. With social networking sites and blogs dominating our daily lives people want to be able to share their photos on these places. They can't do that with prints. And as a photographer I'd much rather my client have the quality web-images to share rather than scanning in a print and posting a crappy copy for the whole world to see.

For the past few years I have worked and re-worked my prices. I have done the "session fee and then separate prices for prints" thing, I have tried the "package deals: pay one price and get your session and $XX.xx in print credit" thing, and I have tried the "one price for all edited images on CD" thing. And after almost 6 years in business..... the most popular pricing option has been...."One Price For the CD" option. (shocker, right? haha). So..... after much thought, internal debate and discussion.... I have decided to scrap the "session fee with print credit" pricing that I was going with and opt instead for the "One Price Gets It All" option.

I know that many of my fellow photogers are shaking their heads, thinking I'm nuts. I also know that I am probably short changing myself in the long run, and that I am probably not going to be charging near what I am worth, or that I will be overworking myself while being underpaid at the same time. BUT... I also know that this option will give me more time with my family, as well as allow more people the option in obtaining professional photos at a price they can afford.

Michigan's economy is much different than California, and I am sympathetic to that. I knew my pricing structure would have to change when we got here. And I am perfectly fine with that.. And while I am still offering the "$150 session with CD" deal through the month of September, on October 1st, the price will go up to $250. But this will still include the session and CD.

I hope that you will all understand the reason for my price increase. And appreciate that it is still an amazing deal. I want to make it affordable to my clients, but I still do need to make it worth my time. There is much more to a session than just the 1-2 hours I spend shooting. There are hours of editing and preparing the online slide shows, and sneak peeks and facebooking images.

I still have spots available for the month of Sept, and am also now booking for October (the fall colors are sooooo awesome here!! I cannot wait!!). Please note that I will only be booking a max of 3 sessions per week so spots will fill up fast. Especially as the gorgeous colors begin to appear. So, be sure to book as soon as you have a date in mind!

For a full description of my prices please check out my website!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cyndee& Jake : Wedded Bliss : Bishop, Calfornia Photographer

I had the privilage of photographing my sister-in-laws wedding last Saturday. It was sooo fun! And just soo pretty! Still working on editing..... with the move (we arrived safely Thursday evening.. ) and all the last minute sessions I had before we left, and the sessions I had as soon as we got here.... I have soooooooooooo much work to do. ;-) I think I will be a slave to the computer the next few weeks. haha

Anyway... here are just a few!! EnJoY!! (more to come in the next week)

PS~ the bottom photo... that is my hubby's WHOLE immeditate family! (minus one niece). He is one of EIGHT kids, and all but two are married, and all the marrieds have kids! haha Ya... there are a lot f them. I'm the one in front.. in the dark purple dress. It was actually easier than I thought to do the family photo with the self timer. I was shocked!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Back to School Mini Sessions : Southeast Michigan Photographer

WMP is now booking BACK TO SCHOOL MINI SESSIONS for the month of September! Receive a 30 min session, editing of 10-15 images, a private, online image gallery, and a CD with 5 images of your choice. (CD images come with limited copyright release), all for only $100 per child!

Outdoor and studio sessions available. Call or email now to book your session!


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