Friday, May 10, 2013

A worthy cause... and a gift for you!!

Fans, friends, family! I have a small request of you all today. I am in need of your help. On June 2nd, my family and I will be walking at the Detroit Zoo to benefit the National Kidney Foundation., but we need your help! We need to reach our goal of $1000 in donations by June 1st!

We might ask "why" I am doing this walk, well... I'll tell you: my bother-in-law, Daniel. He has suffered from chronic kidney disorder since he was just 2 years old. He turns 30 this June. That means he's been living with this disease almost his entire life! He has been on hefty medications for almost his entire life (which have now begun to affect his liver, requiring more medications to offset the damage), he's had to undergo painful biopsies, and has even required hospitalization for relapses, and at times for common illnesses like the flu. These illnesses simply cause the rest of us to miss a few days of work, and stay in bed, but for Daniel, and others who suffer from kidney disorders, these common illnesses require hospitalization. Their immune systems are weakened, thus making them more susceptible to disease, and when they do get sick, it's much worse for them than for you or I.

But with your donation to the National Kidney Foundation, these individuals can lead a much happier life. Your donation dollar is well-spent with the National Kidney Foundation. More than 81 cents of every dollar goes directly to vital programs and services, including:

-Early Detection - free kidney health screenings
-Public Education Initiatives - awareness through public service campaigns, and community and online education
-Advocacy - promotion of legislation impacting kidney patients, donors and transplant recipients
- Organ Donation - action plan to End the Wait! for kidney transplants in the U.S.
-Patient Services - support and information through a toll-free hotline, NKF Cares (1-855-653-2273) and a peer mentoring program
-Professional Education - clinical guidelines that are changing the way physicians practice, continuing education opportunities and peer-reviewed journals to ensure that health care professionals never stop learning the latest in kidney disease treatment
- Research Support - $90 million to 1,000 scientists since 1968, assessment of how kidney disease is identified in diabetes patients and analysis of the world's largest database about kidney patient care

To learn more, visit us at

If each of you donated just a few dollars, it would put us that much closer to our goal of $1000. We have only until June 1st to reach our goal. We are asking for your help, so that we may better the lives of those living with this awful disease.

Please visit our page to make a donation, and please feel free to share this with your friends!! Thank you!!

BUT.... that isn't all....... everyone who donates will be entered into a drawing to receive one of four AMAZING prizes!!

GRAND PRIZE: A Full Session from WMP, plus CD with printing rights (that's an over $1200 value!!)

FIRST PRIZE: A Scentsy Gift Pack! which will include a full size Scentsy warmer PLUS 3 bars!! (a $45 value!)

SECOND PRIZE: A $30 gift card to 6th & elm!

THIRD PRIZE: A $20 Target Gift card!

BUT WAIT!!! You can earn MORE entries by upping your donation by $10 increments. For every $10 donation you will earn an additional entry! (so a $40 donation will get you 4 entries, a $100 donation will get you 10 entries, and so on). (but no worries, even donations of $1 will get one entry).

Drawing will be held on June 2nd, and the winner will be announced Monday, June 3rd. 

Thank you all for your support!! We couldn't do it without you!!

******UPDATE 6/3/13: drawing will be held later this month!!!! We still have donations coming in and want to be fair to all those willing to support this worthy cause!' Thank you again for your support!!


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